Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you collect sold and unsold data?

Mystery shopping techniques are adopted. The surveyors go to the respective site offices as buyers and probe into the availability and price.

How can you say that you collect the true picture?

We cannot guarantee an absolute true picture. There are always errors in assessment, but over a time when project is scanned again and again, the errors are minimized and we get quite a true picture of the market. Science is approximation. We endeavor to attain high quality and follow strict checklist to maintain quality.

Do you also assess cancellation?

Yes, we get the projects with negative sales.

Why is there a negative number in sales?

There could be multiple reason for negative sales number in especially in a project lifecycle, which are as given below:

  • There are cancellations in booking which attribute to negative sales.
  • Sometime when a surveyor goes the sales executives tell them the project is 50% sold when in reality they are just 10% sold- although surveyors cross verify the number using different methods and questions but sometime over assessment takes place from the surveyors end which are then rectified in the next quarter.
  • Another reason is change in supply- suppose a builder in the first visit told he is launching 2500 units and has sold 10% but he actually launches only 1250 units and is sold 10% of the same. These kind of marketing gimmicks from the developers end are sometimes identified by the surveyors sometime are unidentifiable. Therefore, the correction has to be made in the data whenever such situation is noticed in any data.
  • Large township projects that have multiple wings launched at the same time, or regular launches happening in short span of time makes it difficult for the on-ground team to extract exact data as many of the sales executives themselves do not know the exact supply and sales figures.

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